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Back to School Tips: Distance Learning

I can’t believe it’s almost September! Summer is going by way too fast. Back to school time is a great time to get organized. Teaching your children about organizing and being prepared are great springboards to start off a successful school year. Here are some tips from a professional home organizer:

  1. Purge: Go through all of your kids belongings and figure out what’s too small, damaged, and what they aren’t wearing or using anymore and donate the items to a local charity.

  2. Inventory: Make an inventory note on your phone so you know what kids' clothing, shoes, books, and back to school supplies you already have, and don’t waste money and valuable space buying duplicates.

  3. Shopping: This is the fun part. Now you get to shop for cute new supplies to help get your kids excited and ready for a successful school year.

  4. Get Organized: The fun begins and it’s time to create an organized space. Start with one category at a time.

  • Closet: Group by color and style. Add fun hangers or maybe a shoe rack. Remember, you have more space if you start with a decluttered closet.

  • Desk/Workspace: It’s important to have a segregated space for kids to feel comfortable while distance learning and doing their homework. It could be a desk in their room, a space at the kitchen/dining room table. Do your best to create a workspace that works for your family.

  • Storage area: Keep school supplies in a dedicated space: maybe a hall closet, extra bedroom, or even on a rolling art cart. Whatever you do, keep it fun and accessible.

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