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What to Expect and How to Be Prepared for a Face-to-Face Video Chat Organizing Session

Now that most of us have extra time on our hands and are spending more time at home, it's a great time to get your home organized. We have to get creative and keep moving to keep from going stir crazy. Organizing is a great way to keep busy. You will feel lighter and more energized after it's all done. It also saves you time and money.

I recently did a face-to-face video chat session with one of my clients. I was able to help him clear off his desk, clear floor space, reorganize the items in his office and get him back on track for his online business class and other at home business services.

What to expect:

1. A free 15-minute phone call to discuss project details and scheduling

2. A Face-to-face video chat: view space and guidance on where to begin (1-2 hours per session)

3. Decluttering, sorting, and measuring the space for product solutions

4. Create a product list and online order (30 minutes of my time will be used for this process or you can order the items yourself).

5. Space planning, utilizing the organizing products, organizing advice

​How to be prepared:

1. Have a reliable WiFi connection

2. Have a space with minimal distractions

3. Be ready to organize and minimize your clutter

4. Have trash, recycle, donate, and keep bins, boxes or bags on hand

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